Bid Smart and Win with DealDash’s Promotions

One way bidders love to save money on DealDash is by taking advantage of the great promotions. Bids are often on sale for just a small fraction of their list price (60 cents), and cost only 13, 12, or sometimes even just 10 cents apiece! Many customers use these bid discounts as an opportunity to save a couple of dollars on their bid pack purchase, while others will use it as an opportunity to stock up and have enough bids to sustain them for an entire week of bidding, or sometimes even more! Stocking up on bids like this is a great idea, and it’s what makes DealDash’s promotions so important to customers’ winning strategies!

But the value of promotions doesn’t end there: there are often some kind of special “rule changes” designed to help bidders win auctions by using less bids, or offering some other benefit. There are lots of different ways this can happen, but below is a quick recap of some of the rule changes and how you can capitalize on these changes to help you win more auctions:

Huge Easter Sale – Lower No Jumper Limits

During the recent Huge Easter Sale, DealDash lowered the No Jumper™ limit to just $3! Bidders love these No Jumper™ auctions because they prevent competing bidders from joining the auction after it reaches the No Jumper™ limit, which means people who bid early on in the auction will have less competition and an easier time winning. Any way you can limit your competition in a particular auction is great and the value of the lower No Jumper™ limit shouldn’t be underestimated. If you find that auctions run for too long because they have too many people, regardless of the item you’re bidding on, this promotion will be a great resource for you to stay in the auction and outlast the other bidders.

Black Friday Sale(s) – Auction Blowouts

Black Friday Sales are a favorite among DealDashers. They’re available periodically, and typically feature a huge bid sale and an auction blowout, which entails a certain number of auctions (usually 200 or more) happening at the same time. Obviously having more auctions gives you a better chance to win, but the fact that they happen at the same time is really the icing on the cake! One way you can take advantage of these auction blowouts is to carefully research all of the items available and pick what you’re going to bid on carefully. Many times several similar items will be available (for example, different models of laptops or several gift cards to the same outlet). Be a little bit strategic in these situations and try to figure out which one will be the most popular and attract the most interest. It’s unlikely that everyone who wants the item will bid in several auctions for similar products, so if you figure out which one will attract the most bidders you can get snag one of the other ones quick, easy, and most of all CHEAP!

Easter Savings Sale – Free Auction Wins

The Easter Savings sale combined good bid prices with another great benefit: FREE auction wins! That means winners don’t have to pay the final sales price for their items: DealDash picks up the tab! Bidders love the opportunity to get their wins without having to pay that final sales price, so the best way to take full advantage of this is to go all in to auctions that might otherwise cost more than you’d like to spend on your bargain.

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With a 100% satisfaction guarantee on your initial bid pack purchase, trying DealDash is a risk free proposition. DealDash customers regularly save between 60-90 percent on the products featured in DealDash auctions, so get in on these great bargains and sign up now!