3 Tips to Help you Get 99% Off Your DealDash Wins

DealDash provides customers with a fun and social marketplace for deals. Every day hundreds of customers win fantastic bargains in DealDash’s auctions, and people save big bucks on items they love. Lots of people find winning auctions easy, but winning isn’t enough for some people. A lot of DealDash bidders spend their time honing their bidding strategies to make sure they don’t just win the auction, but they win them fast and cheap!

Here are a few pieces of advice to help new bidders learn how to get those big savings!

Bid at The Right Times

Many people are looking for the right time to bid, because they know that when other people are asleep or at work the site will be less busy. However, this isn’t actually the best way to go about determining the best time to bid. DealDash provides users with lots of information that you can use to figure out when the site is less busy, and when the most opportune time for you to bid is. For example, checking the “Winners List” gives you a chronological rundown of all the auctions that have closed. You can use this to look for times when auctions are closing for consistently low prices (for example, a series of auctions closing for less than $10 or another low price point). Using these times as guides when to bid is the best way to figure out when the site isn’t busy, and will give you a good idea about when you can win auctions for cheap!

Check out the Average Selling Prices of the Items

If you look at a particular auction page without logging in you can see the average selling price of a particular item. These average prices can give you a good idea about when you’re getting a good deal and when you’re getting a great one. If you really want a great bargain avoid bidding in auctions once the item price reaches its average, because bidding after that means you’re paying more than everyone else. Use the “Buy it now” option if you’re already heavily invested in the auction, because this way you’ll get your bids pack AND the product you’re after. If you log in and look at the auction page for an item with quantity limits, you’ll be able to see who’s won it in the past and for how much, which can also be useful for figuring out how much you want to pay for a win!

Bid on Items You Can Win for Cheap 

This doesn’t mean you should be bidding on things you don’t actually want or things that you think won’t be popular. What this means is try and guess when you’ll have the best chance to get a great bargain on your item, and one way to do this is look for similar products that are being auctioned off at the same time. For example, if there’s 10 bidders who all want to get a great deal on an iPad and there’s only one auction open, then all 10 bidders will probably bid in that auction. However, if you wait until there’s 2 or more auctions, the 10 bidders will spread themselves out, giving you less competition. Now that’s smart bidding!

With a 100% satisfaction guarantee on your initial bid pack purchase, trying DealDash is a risk free proposition. DealDash customers regularly save between 60-90 percent on the products featured in DealDash auctions, so get in on these great bargains and sign up now!


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