Winning with the Facts on!

Winning on DealDash is easy. In fact, it’s so easy that most customers are able to win auctions using their first bid pack purchase. But just because DealDash makes winning auctions easy doesn’t mean that the work is done for you. Big winners will tell you that winning takes time, skill, and patience. Many bidders, both new and old, will read advice on how important it is to have good information to build good bidding strategies. But where can you go to find this information? What should you look for? How can it help?

Here are a couple of places you can check on DealDash to find useful information about the auctions!

#1: The Auction Page

When you find an auction you want to bid on, you should always investigate the product, and the best place to start is by visiting the auction page. You can bid from the main page where you see all the auctions happening, but it’s worth the extra time it takes to navigate to the auction page. You can find several important pieces of information by doing so:

  • If you’re logged out when you look at the auction page, you’ll see the average selling price listed at the top. You can use this to form expectations about long the auction could run for, and how difficult it will be to win. It’s also useful to use the average selling price to help you budget. Since many DealDash items will be auctioned off multiple times, an auction where the final sales price has surpassed the average selling price might be worth skipping in favor of an auction starting another time.

  • If you’re logged in and looking at an auction that has quantity limits, you’ll be able to see a list of all the people who have won the item in previous auctions. You can look through this list to see how much it has sold for recently and decide whether or not the auction is for you. Many experienced bidders have found this particularly useful. Sometimes items that have been becoming more and more expensive will discourage people from bidding, which presents a unique opportunity for savvy bidders to snag an unbelievably quick bargain.

  • It’s also important to pay attention to who’s bidding on the items, and when. You’ll be able to see how many people are actively bidding, and also with a little experience you’ll be able to determine who’s using their BidBuddy.

#2: The Winner List

The Winner List is another great source of information. It shows you a list of all the auctions that have sold recently. You can scan through this to check for the bargains that really stand out, which gives you an idea about how great the savings can really be on DealDash! Make a note if you see a pattern, such as a group of auctions closing for really low prices one after another. A pattern like that would indicate a point of low activity on DealDash, and low activity means less competition, giving you a better chance of winning auctions easily!

Getting a great bargain on DealDash is easy, and everyone can do it! It takes some time and patience to learn how to get the most from the site, and arming yourself with the correct information is a great place to start. Don’t be afraid of investing some time researching and digging through some of this information. It’s cheaper than buying tons of bids, and it can pay off more than you could possible imagine!

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