What’s So Special About DealDash?

DealDash Special

DealDash is a special website, made by people who care about their customers. Here are some of the things that make DealDash unique.


DealDash is a fun website to use, and you can win some very nice things. DealDash is special and different than other websites. DealDash is full of things that makes it different than just “any old bidding site. ” The differences from DealDash and other websites are pronounced, and always in the favor of DealDash. Here are some great things that DealDash offers.

Free Bids

Not many bidding websites offer you free bids. Usually the only time that free bids are offered on any of the “pay-to-bid” websites is when you first sign up. After you have signed up they don’t give you free bids anymore. DealDash is different. DealDash offers free bids every day, to every bidder, just for stopping by the website and placing a bid. Other ways to get free bids include posting photographs of yourself and your win, writing product reviews, and earning “clock time” as the highest bidder.

Special Prices on Bids

DealDash “base” price for bids is .60 each. However, they run special bid sales daily, and you can find bids for .16, .14, or sometimes even .12 each! These special prices are one of my favorite parts about DealDash. Everyone loves sales, and it’s fun to see how low the bid prices will go before they go up again.

Special Promotions

DealDash offers special promotions frequently, some of these include free-to-the-winner auctions and fifty-percent off auctions. These promotions are very popular, and people love being able to get their win for free (actually .01 transaction fee), or for half-off. It’s nice to be able to calculate exactly how much you are spending on an auction, and you can do that easily when it’s free auction day.

No Jumper Auctions

What are “No Jumper” auctions? No jumper auctions means that no more new bidders are allowed in the auction after the auction price reaches $5. This means that if you do not place at least one bid before the auction reaches $5 you will be locked out of that auction and won’t be able to participate. This limits the number of players competing for the same product, making the chance of winning easier, since there is less competition.

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