Wisely Using Bids to Win Bids

Are you wisely using bids to win bids on DealDash.com?

Some lucky players recently won these fantastic deals on bid packs:

  • 100 bids–26 cents
  • 150 bids–$1.58
  • 200 bids–8 cents
  • 250 bids–50 cents
  • 400 bids–$3.37
  • 500 bids–$1.38

Not all players are this lucky. I watched one player use more than 400 bids to win 200 and he lost. If he did a “Buy-It-Now” and paid the full 60 cents per bid to get all his bids back, he still lost. He could buy 500 bids on sale for 15 cents per bid and end up with more bids. Therefore, that’s what I call foolishly losing bids to win bids.


Of course, most DealDash customers want to win the largest bid packs, but that might not be the best strategy if you want to improve your chances of winning great deals. Why? The largest bid packs usually have a lot more competitors and are more difficult to win.

Instead of winning one large bid pack, you might have a much better chance of winning several small bid packs. To give you an idea how much easier that might be, I looked at the last nine closing costs of four of the bid packs and added them up. Then I divided each total by nine to get the average closing cost. Here’s what I found:

  • 150 bid pack—The average closing cost was $4.20
  • 800 bid pack­—The average closing cost was $30.95
  • 2500 bid pack—The average closing cost was $113.04
  • 4000 bid pack—The average closing cost was $211.43

This list gives you a better idea how many bids it might take and how much more difficult it is to win a large bid pack. To win great deals on bid packs, it takes some luck of being in the right auction at the right time, but it also requires some wise planning.

Submitted by: Barbara L. Sellers