Time to Win Bid Packs on DealDash!


Image result for dealdash bid packLet’s bid on bid packs today on DealDash! Bid packs are usually easier to win than other auctions.

Do you need more bid packs on DealDash? Instead of spending your hard-earned money on bids, why not win them instead? Here are some interesting things about bidding on bid packs on DealDash.

SO Many Bid Pack Auctions

DealDash has at least 100 bid pack auctions every single day. Your odds of winning a bid pack are much greater than winning a product, simply because of supply and demand.

Normally, there will only be a few (or less) of any certain item offered on DealDash at one time. This is not true when we are talking about bid packs. Just doing a quick counting of bid pack auctions right now – there are 24 yes, twenty-four bid pack auctions going on right now. Because there are so many similar auctions going on at the same time, they are easier to win.

Bid for Free on Bid Packs

If you’re a regular reader of any of the DealDash blogs, you’re probably familiar with the ways to get free bids. For example, you can get free bids for simply bidding on DealDash auctions on consecutive days. You can also get free bids by posting a picture of yourself with your win on Facebook.

To bid on Bid Packs for free, just use the free bids that you receive from DealDash and bid on bid packs. The reason I suggest this is because you can easily win an auction for bid packs with just a few bids. On the other hand, it typically takes many more bids to win a gift card auction, for example.

Use Up Your Stragglers

Most people end up with a few straggler bids left in their bid banks after bidding in a big auction. The reality is, it’s unlikely that you will win a big auction with these stragglers. However, you could be successful in winning a smaller bid pack. Have 15 bids left in your account? Stick them in your bid buddy on the next auction for a smaller bid pack and maybe you’ll get lucky. You can then parlay those bids into a bigger bid pack auction if you like.

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600 Bid Pack!


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