An Important Part Of DealDash: Buy It Now (BIN) option

The year is 2009, and a young man just lost an auction. He spent $50 trying to win an iPad, but someone else outbid him and he was left empty-handed. Did he cry about it? Perhaps he even yelled out a few choice words? Maybe. But he also promised that he would never let this happen again—to him or anyone else. He ended up creating DealDash which is now the largest pay-to-participate auction site in the US. DealDash was founded to provide an auction experience where people don’t have to lose the money they spent bidding. This is still our mission today.

It is easy to lose money if you are not careful online!
Be sure to keep an eye on where your money goes…

DealDash offers two key things to make sure that no one leaves an auction empty-handed. For starters, we offer a 90-day 100% money-back guarantee on a customer’s first bid pack purchase. This means that if you buy bids and decide that DealDash is not for you, we will refund your first bid pack purchase back to you in full! The second feature is called Buy It Now (BIN), and it is an important part of what makes DealDash the best auction site around.

What Does Buy It Now (BIN) Mean in Bidding?

The Buy It Now option (BIN for short) is for people who do not win an auction. It lets you pay the listed price for an item to get it sent to you. The bids you used in the auction trying to win the item are returned to your account instantly when you BIN. This way, you can try again to win a different auction without losing your bids. Auction sites that came before DealDash didn’t have this option which caused frustrating situations. You could spent a lot of money trying to win an item, but without any guarantees.

An auction for an Apple iPad with the Buy It Now price displayed.
The Buy It Now price is displayed on each auction page.

The BIN price on DealDash is usually the same as the suggested retail price that is set by the brand itself. If you end up not winning an auction but do not know right away if you want to use the BIN, that’s OK. The BIN option is open for 7 days after an auction ends, so take your time and think things over if you like. The top items that DealDash bidders like to BIN include gift cards, the Wilson & Miller Tactical Combat Flashlight, and the Stanley 500-Amp Jump Starter.

Using BIN To Create A Winning Strategy

So by now you know that the Buy It Now option is an important part of DealDash. A BIN can help you recoup your bids if you do not win an auction. For many bidders the Buy It Now option is an important part of their bidding strategy.

A delivery person drops off a package to a happy customer.
DealDash lets you win or BIN to get great items delivered to you for free!

One key part of using the BIN effectively is choosing items to bid on that you want to buy anyway. This way, you can try and win an auction at a low price first. If you do not win, use the BIN to buy the item and get your bids back. Your bids are returned instantly when you use the BIN, so you can try again in a different auction. You also can review the BIN price of an item before bidding on it. This helps you know the value of the item so you can decide how many bids you want to place in the auction. Try these tips out to have a better DealDash experience!

If you are new to DealDash or the bidding fee online auction model and want to give it a try, use the promo code “dealdash2020” upon registration to get an extra 100 free bids with your first Bid Pack purchase.

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