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Do you have kids who love toys? DealDash has lots of toys that your kids would love.

Do you need to get a gift for your children, maybe for a birthday or as a “back to school” present? Shopping for kids can be a very fun experience, and seeing their happy little faces when they open up their present is a real joy. If you need a toy for your child, then win toys on DealDash!

DealDash Has Legos for Boys and Girls


What’s the perfect item for both girls and boys? What’s a gift that children in a family can easily share? Legos! There are Legos of every type and many different sets. There are even Lego sets for younger children. If the child you’re shopping for is too young for regular Legos try the Duplo blocks. DealDash has both regular Legos and Duplo blocks up for auction. All three of my children, aged 19 months, 5 years, and 9 years all play with Legos at my house. It’s one of the only activities that all three of them can play together. Legos? $48. Thirty minutes of silence because all of the children are playing nicely together? Priceless!

LEGO Friends Storage Brick 8 Medium Lilac

Gift Cards for Great Toys


If you are interested in getting a child a present but you aren’t sure exactly what they would like, then a gift card would make an excellent present. As kids get older I find it really hard to keep up with which video games that they have – and I wouldn’t want to commit the “grave insult” of getting them a game that they already have. So I find that a gift card works especially well for older kids, say age 10 and up. DealDash has many gift cards to stores that have toys. Some examples are Toys R Us, Target, and Wal-Mart. These stores have indoor toys, outdoor toys, and even video games.


Didn’t WIN? Let’s BIN!

Not everyone can win every auction, of course. Otherwise, DealDash would go out of business, and no one wants that! However, if you don’t win, DealDash always offers the option to BIN the item. Buying It Now (BIN) is a smart thing to do. After you’re done bidding in an auction, and realize that you won’t be the winner, then just hit the BIN button. After you have submitted your payment to DealDash, they will refund all of the bids that you spent on the auction. This is a great thing to plan on doing if you’re bidding on gift cards because the BIN price is simply the value of the card. No fees and no shipping costs!

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