Get to Know the Competition With the Winners Tab on DealDash

It’s no secret that DealDash provides a plethora of tools for the everyday bidder to succeed. There’s the Tips & Tricks section, user blogs, social media connections and my favorite—the Winners Tab. With a little guidance, I’ll walk you through all this great tab can do for you.

The Winners Tab is located on the bar just above the large banner on the main page of DealDash. It is just below and to the left of the Dashboard tab. Click on it for some great information on your competition.

First, a word about the competition.  There are so many types of bidders. You have experienced bidders who have been on the site practically from the beginning. Then you will have the mid-level bidders who win now and then. And of course you have the newbies who are learning the ropes. No matter what type of bidders you are up against, you still have a chance to win!

The Winners Tab provides the following information:

  • Usernames of the winners of every auction for the past 24 hours. *approximately
  • How many bids each winner used to win each item.
  • The ending price of each auction won.
  • The average cost for each won item (using a 12 cents per bid approximated cost).




Here’s how I use the Winners Tab to assess my competition for the day:

When I am in an auction, I like to use the Winners Tab to search for the usernames of those I am competing against in any given auction and here is what I look for:

Multiple wins over 24 hours.

If the person I am bidding against has won a dozen or more auctions over the past 24 hours, I usually take that as a sign that they are on a “winning streak.”

My assessment:  I generally don’t shy away from these types of bidders if it’s an item I really want. I may watch the auction and enter a little later than I normally would and still stick to my bidding budget.

Number of bids used to win

If a bidder uses an excessive number of bids to win a small item, I view this as a bidder who is willing to win at any cost—even if it means overbidding and overspending. Naturally, larger and more expensive items will require more bids to win, sometimes hundreds or thousands, but I tend not to go overboard on smaller items.

Assessment:  You never know if the person bidding is almost out of bids because they just overspent on their last win. It never hurts to try. You never know; luck could be on my side.

Ending price vs. Number of Bids Used

If you see a bidder who has an ending auction price of $10.00 but they only used 50 bids to win, chances are their strategy of jumping in on the auction late paid off for them. Oftentimes these types of bidders will place a few bids in the beginning of the auction, disappear and reappear when there are only a few bidders left in the auction.

Assessment: Although this can be a frustrating tactic, it’s also one that doesn’t always work out for the jumper. Standing your ground is sometimes all that is needed. Based on experience, I’ve also been in a number of auctions where the jumper only places a one or a few bids and that’s it. I stick it out—at least for a little while.

The Winners Tab provides a lot of information, but there are so many factors that go into winning. Experienced bidders don’t always win and new bidders don’t always lose. While there is a certain level of awareness, patience and yes, even luck, involved, there is no exact science. You can use the tools to your advantage but you never know how many bids a person has or doesn’t have, how much time or how many bids they have available to invest or if they are willing to win at all costs. The only way to win is to try and sometimes try again!

Happy bidding on DealDash!

This sponsored blog post was written by Theresa B., proud American, MMA fan, grandmother and ardent practitioner of sarcastic wit. Theresa was compensated by DealDash for this blog post.

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What Can I Do on the DealDash App?

There are quite a few things that you can do on the DealDash app. After you’ve taken a quick glimpse of the daily promotions you might as well proceed to browse all the open auctions on the main page. You can effortlessly do a search for an item, or look through the drop-down menu with all of the different product categories DealDash has to offer.

Online auction view.

Pro Tip: You can scroll through the front page auctions in list view by clicking the button on the top right hand corner!

Jump right to the Dashboard from the main view to check out your bidding history, read about any ongoing challenges or to check any offers you might have be pending. From the app you can also add your own avatar and naturally place BidBuddies and bid on auctions. You can do everything you can on your laptop or desktop at home, just in a convenient travel format!

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding the app, the best customer service in town is here to help! DealDash is always willing to help you figure out any concerns. It’s super easy with the mobile app: just click the Help button to find frequently asked questions. If you’re still puzzled, just scroll down to Contact Support to leave us a message or chat live in Facebook Messenger. There’s also a Tips & Tricks section to make the most out of your bids.

One of the most liked features of the DealDash app is the notifications. Get notifications when your BidBuddy is running low, you win an auction or just to read about today’s promotions. These can of course be disabled if you do not want to receive notifications.

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Why Should I Use the mobile App?

Shipping is always free.
Remember: Shipping is always free on DealDash

If you’re wondering why you should use the DealDash app instead of just going to the regular site on the browser on your mobile device, it’s simple: When you download the app you get instant access from the home screen of your phone. It’s just one step to click on the app. Should you use the browser on your phone it takes multiple steps to get bidding. First you open the browser, then type in the site address, finally to be signing in with your credentials.

With the app, one tap on the DealDash icon takes you straight into the bidding action. Of course, you can keep using your browser to access DealDash if you wish! But for those who like to keep things simple, download and try out the app. It’s free, so why not?

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Download DealDash from App Store
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Try This DealDash Strategy Today

dealdash strategy

Using different strategies on DealDash is the smart thing to do. Try these DealDash strategies out today!

What sorts of bidding strategies have yo been using on DealDash lately? It’s a smart idea to change up your bidding strategies on a regular basis. When you change up your bidding strategies it’s sure to confuse your competitors. For extra fun, try changing up your bidding strategy mid-auction! Here are some ideas for some different bidding strategies to use when playing on DealDash.

Bid Low, Bid High, Bid In-Between

One of my favorite bidding strategies to use on DealDash is to bid low, high, or in-between! What I mean by this is don’t put in the same amount of bids on every auction. If you are a regular bidder the other regulars will start to notice if you only put in 20 or so bids every time! Put in a few bids here, a medium amount there, and go all the way to BIN on another auction. Change up the numbers, keep your competitors guessing.

Avoid the Power Bidders

Do you know who the Power Bidders are? The Power Bidders are regular players on DealDash who just don’t quit. These bidders will bid over and above the auction value just to prove a point. These are bidders who will bid 600 bids on a 500 bid pack just to show the newbies who’s boss. Don’t get into a bidding war with the Power Bidders, you just won’t win.

Look Out for the “Losers”

Have you ever noticed on DealDash that there are certain players who lose almost every single auction? These are normally players who never put more than 50 bids or so into any auction. If you take the time to browse the auctions you should take note of the players who seem to drop out before the auction even reaches $1. Write these player’s names down, because if you run into them in the future you might get lucky and get a fast win!

Thanks for Reading

Thanks so much for reading this DealDash article on bidding strategies. Don’t forget to check our other blogs for new articles as well. Visit DealDash Tips and DealDash Reviews for more fun DealDash information every day of the week! If you have any requests for specific articles, please feel free to leave a comment below. VisitDealDash now to see how much you can save. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!

Winning DealDash

This blog was written by Dawn E, a mother of 3 who loves DealDash. Read even more at, or on her own blog, DawnBlogtopus.

Switching Up Your DealDash Strategy

Do you always bid the same way on DealDash? What’s been working for you in the past might not work in the future. Switch it up!

Are you only sporadic bidder who doesn’t visit DealDash very often? If you are the sort of bidder to pick a few random auctions and put in 10 bids here, 10 bids there, jumping around from auction to auction without any sort of cohesive plan then perhaps you should change up your strategy. Take your time, do a little research. Don’t be impulsive, be mindful of where your bids are going. It can only help you if you try a different strategy instead of throwing a few bids here and there. It’s very difficult to win that way.

On the other extreme, do you go decide what you want to bid on days or weeks before you even sign into DealDash? Do you make a plan beforehand then go through all of the different options on DealDash and patiently wait for your optimal auction to begin? Maybe you should switch up your strategy a bit and bid on something that you have admired in the past but haven’t yet done the research that you would normally perform before bidding. If other bidders know you as more cautious and less impulsive it might throw them off of their game and leave you victorious. Give it a chance!

Are you determined to win at all costs, no matter if you go over the BIN (Buy It Now) price? If you are the sort of bidder who jumps headfirst into every auction no matter who is bidding or how many people are in the auction then maybe it’s time to switch up your style. Typically unless you are a well-known power bidder that people are scared of, then this strategy wastes money and bids in my opinion. It’s much smarter to put bids into your BidBuddy and then check back on the auction occasionally, so how about giving a more gentle and less headstrong approach a chance next time.

  What strategy do you use? Try a new strategy next time and see what happens. Remember, if your new strategy doesn’t work out for you you can always just BIN  the auction for retail price and get all of your bids back to try a different strategy next time. Now go check out the auctions and see what you would really like to bid on. See you on DealDash everyone! Good luck and happy bidding.

Secret Strategies How To Win On DealDash Bidding Site

Many new bidders win one or two auctions soon after they register at DealDash only to find their confidence shattered a few weeks later when they lose auction after auction, unable to win even a $10.00 gift card. Perhaps at this point the bidder wonders do they have the correct bidding strategy? That’s when people start second-guessing. Some may even wonder, Are Online Auctions a scam? If you’re bidding at DealDash, the answer to that question is, “No.”

Old-timers will say that consistent winning is possible. But like any skill or sport, you have to invest time and effort to learn the secrets of success and then incorporate those strategies with tricks that work for you. But all successful bidders know that hard work is what separates mostly winners from mostly BINners at

Here are some strategies to help you get past your slump, master the art of the hunt and start winning big. So, how does DealDash work?

Continue reading “Secret Strategies How To Win On DealDash Bidding Site”