Celebrating Second Place with Auction Runner-up

Are you happy coming in second and being the auction runner-up? Second place is pretty good, right? Second place in the Olympics gets you a silver medal and most likely a parade when you return home. In major sporting tournaments like the U.S. Open Golf Championship, second place is worth over one million dollars!

Auction runner-up promotion will give an offer to the runner-up
The second-place finisher is often forgotten, despite finishing right at the top!

And don’t tell Fabiano Caruana – the second-best chess player in the world- that he underachieving. He is a genius, even if he is not #1. But while second place is usually a great achievement, there are times when coming in second is pretty lousy. As race car driver Dale Earnhardt, Sr. famously said in an angry outburst, “Second place is the first loser.” Maybe Dale is right. After all, who remembers Walter Mondale (second in the 1984 US presidential election)? On DealDash, do you treasure your wins? Or do you happily remember the times when you were the auction runner-up in DealDash auctions? While it’s true that there can be only one highest bidder in an auction, we now have a new promotion that makes the first runner-up a winner, too!

Time To Celebrate The Auction Runner-Up: 50% OFF the BIN price!

Starting tomorrow, DealDash will launch the new Runner-Up Discount Promotion. It works like this. The auctions will still be the same. Each bid raises the price by $0.01. The auction clock restarts from 10 seconds every time someone bids, and if no new bids are placed before the clock runs out, then they current highest bidder is the winner.

Auction Runner-up Discount on DealDash starting tomorrow
Now you can feel great about coming in second place!

But here is where things change; when the promotion is active the auction runner-up will receive a special discount on the Buy It Now price. For example, let’s say you came in second place in an auction for a purse auction. After the auction ends, you will receive a discounted Buy It Now offer for 50% the original price. We are excited to offer the Runner-Up Discount and begin to reward second-place finishers, too!

Awarding a Buy It Now discount to the auction runner-up is a big deal! The Buy it Now feature is an important part of DealDash that makes participating in a DealDash auction fun as you can be sure to get your bids back in the end AND get the item too. Experienced bidders often choose to bid in auctions for items that they are interested in buying, anyway. This way, they can try to win the auction first, and if they do not, they can BIN to get the item and the bids back. Now, during this promotion, the Buy It Now gets a whole lot sweeter for the auction runner-up.

Let’s Finish 2020 On A High Note

The leaves are falling, temperatures are dropping, and the days are getting shorter—2020 is coming to a close, and not a moment too soon! Each news cycle seems to provide something new to worry about, so many of us are looking for some good news and a fresh start in 2021. But before the ball drops and it’s time to welcome the new year, we want to try and end 2020 on a high note. In addition to the new auction runner-up promotion, we have some other promotions lined up that will make you want to celebrate.

Spooky Days of October from 10/23 to 10/30

Spooky Days of October deals are great on DealDash this year
Spooky Days of October promotions running from 10/23 to 10/30!

That’s right, Spooky Days of October are back again with great deals! We are ending this month with the Spooky Days of October promotion. This 8-day event will offer discounted auction wins, cheap bid packs, and much more. October finally ends with our Halloween Super Sale which you do not want to miss!

Special bid packs on DealDash with great rewards.
Special bid packs on DealDash with great rewards.

Special bid packs with a challenge to win as many as you can! Can you win 6 different spooky bid packs to get the big reward? Daily exciting special item selection and great promotions together with the new auction runner-up promotion. Promotion continues throughout Halloween!

Black Friday and Cyber Monday on DealDash

Savvy shoppers like yourself know that November is a huge month for discounts and deals. Yes, I am talking about the craziness that is Black Friday and Cyber Monday. These are the days that launch the holiday shopping season. You can take part in some great promotions this year on DealDash, and the best part of it is that you do not need to drive to the mall on Black Friday and risk getting caught up in the craziness. Instead, just sleep in and bid from the comfort of your own home.

2020 has given us plenty of things to worry about, but we hope to push back against the constant stream of doom and gloom by offering you rewarding promotions, exciting auctions, and world-class service. Check out what we have in store to end 2020, do some of your holiday shopping with us, and end the year right!

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If you are new to DealDash or the bidding fee online auction model and want to give it a try, use the promo code “dealdash2020” upon registration to get an extra 100 free bids with your first Bid Pack purchase.