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Do you like to get your “Entertainment Shopping” done on DealDash? What, you’ve never heard of entertainment shopping?!

DealDash is the king of the entertainment shopping world. Entertainment shopping is a fairly new category of shopping. First, there was in-store shopping, then catalog shopping, next came online shopping, now entertainment shopping is here to delight, entertain, and help make your shopping easier for you. Simply put, entertainment shopping is online shopping with a twist!

On DealDash you can shop for things that you need and want, but also have fun. “How can online shopping be fun?” you might ask. The answer is by bidding! DealDash is based on a “pay-to-bid” model, which means that you pay for your bids that you use in the auctions. Luckily, there is no monetary risk as long as you are willing to buy the item that you are bidding on in an auction. This is why it’s fun to bid and buy on DealDash.

How is there no monetary risk? Luckily, DealDash is a progressive auction site and has come up with the brilliant solution of Buy It Now. Buy It Now is referred to as “BIN” by DealDash, and is really a lifesaver if you feel that you’ve bid over your budget. When you’re in the midst of an auction, and see that you have put too many bids in to make good financial sense then just BIN it!

BIN is Your Safety Net

If you only bid on things that you’re happy to buy, then DealDash is a risk-free shopping experience. BIN is an acronym for “Buy It Now”, and BIN is the ticket to never losing money on DealDash.When you are ready to stop bidding, hit that BIN button and you will be able to buy the item that you were bidding on for its retail value, and you will get every single bid back that you placed, to use on another auction. You get the bids back immediately after you pay for your BIN auction, you can use them right away if you’d like. In addition to getting all of your bids back, you will also get free shipping! Free shipping is available on everything!

If you want to BIN an auction, it’s easy. When you have spent the maximum amount of bids that you want to spend on a particular item, just hit the BIN button. Do you know what one of the best things about doing your entertainment shopping on DealDash is? FREE SHIPPING! No matter what the size or shape of the item, if you either win or BIN an item on DealDash, you’ll get free shipping.

After pressing the BIN button, just pay for your item with a credit card, debit card, or PayPal. You’ll get your bids back immediately after you pay for your BIN auction.

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