Daily Free Christmas Gift Countdown!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere you go! Michael Bublé, and a few other artists, have sang these words, and this time of year, it’s true! It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas, indeed. The lights have been hung, trees are perched in living rooms around America, and most families (and hopefully you too!) are enjoying some eggnog, gingerbread, and other Christmas treats. Unless you got your shopping done early, you are probably searching for cheap Christmas presents online. Some folks are enjoying receiving some Christmas presents already by opening an Advent Calendar, a traditional gift that has a box that is opened each day of December to reveal a small surprise.

Have you ever opened an Advent Calendar? They date all the way back to the mid 1800’s where pieces of candy were attached to a piece of wood and given to children. The idea is that each day, a box could be opened to reveal a new piece of candy, and that is pretty much how they work today! Nowadays there are countless types of Christmas calendars that gift everything from candy to cosmetics! If you have never had an Advent Calendar, don’t fret; we have you covered with our 11 Days of DealDash promotion that is just like, you guessed it, a countdown to Christmas. Simply log in each day starting on December 13th and claim a free gift that will help you strike deals online at DealDash.com!

Get Rewards Just By Logging In

An Advent calendar is a fun way to start the gift-giving season!

In our quest to help all DealDash customers get cheap Christmas presents online, we are now rewarding you with a special gift each day of our 11 Day of DealDash promotion! Just sign into your account and click the promotional banner to get your daily free gift credited to you instantly! We won’t spoil the surprise here, but the type of gifts you can expect are discount bid pack purchase offers, special daily challenges, and yes, free bids! The gifts change each day, so keep coming back to check what DealDash is giving you each day. See? Christmas Calendars are awesome!

The 11 Day of DealDash truly is a special event. Not only does it give you the chance to win cheap Christmas presents online, it celebrates 11 years of DealDash online auctions! DealDash launched in 2009, and we had to wait a few years in order to offer a promotion like this. After all, wouldn’t a 4 days of DealDash promotion be a bit unimpressive? Now that we have 11 years in the books, we are proud to be able to offer this special promotion to give back to the most important part of DealDash, you!

More Rewarding Auctions Than Ever Before!

The 11 Days of DealDash promotion is a whole lot more than just free gifts each day. We also are putting a unique twist on the auctions by enabling special features each day during the promotion. And as always, these features will make the auctions more fun and also help you on your quest to get cheap Christmas presents online. One special feature you will be able to enjoy is the Runner-Up Discount. This rewards the second place finisher in an auction with a discounted buy it now price! Now, second place doesn’t look so bad! On other days of the 11 Days of DealDash promotion the auctions will have a lower No Jumper Limit. This means that instead of the normal $5 limit, auctions will now become closed to additional bidders joining at $3.

Balloons and gifts sit in a room and create excitement about the 11 Years of DealDash Promotion.
The 11 Days of DealDash also pays tribute to DealDash’s upcoming 11th anniversary.

This lower limit closes out new bidders from auctions much quicker and makes it easier to get an auction win. On top of all this, you will be rewarded at double or even triple the rate as you bid. The Time As Highest Bidder Meter will be filling up 2X or 3X faster on some special days of the 11 Days of DealDash Promotion.

With all these special auction features and a free gift each day, you might be more excited for the start of the 11 Days of DealDash promotion than you are for Christmas! And while we love Christmas, we can’t blame you if this is the case! We are thrilled to have made it to the 11 year mark, and thanks for being there with us, too. We hope that this promotion is the start of a wonderful holiday celebration where you are able to both give and receive some awesome gifts.

If you are new to DealDash or the bidding fee online auction model and want to give it a try, use the promo code “dealdash2020” upon registration to get an extra 100 free bids with your first Bid Pack purchase.

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