What Matters Most This Time Of Year

The holiday season can be tough. There are gifts to buy, people to see, and things to do. All of that on top of day to day responsibilities that don’t go anywhere, either. Unfortunately, the 2020 holiday season is a very difficult time for folks all over the country. Many Americans have lost their jobs because of the economic problems caused by COVID, and they don’t know what to do. For them, the holidays are not so much about gift giving and seeing family.

A pair of hands holds a wrapped Christmas gift in a display of generosity.
We try to go above and beyond to help make the holidays easier for our customers.

The holidays are about trying to scrape by. Here at DealDash, we believe that the true spirit of the holidays is helping as many folks enjoy the season as possible. We aim to go above and beyond whenever possible to deliver top notch service to our customers and also help make the holiday season a bit easier. We call these situations Christmas miracles, and to help you get in the spirit of the holidays, we want to share a few of our Christmas miracles with you.

The Importance of This Cheap Item May Surprise You…

Try to imagine for a moment that you need to spend the night outside. What would you take with you to prepare? A heavy jacket and sloe gloves? Maybe a sleeping bag? Some food to snack on would be nice. Whatever you decide on taking with you, spending the night away from the comfort of your own bed does not sound very nice. Unfortunately, this is the harsh reality that over half-a-million Americans face every night, according to an official report published by the U.S Government. And believe it or not, the most in-demand item for folks that have to sleep rough is not a heavy jacket or even a sleeping bag, but socks.

A picture pf brightly colored socks.  Socks always make a great gift or holiday donation.
Dry socks are always a good option to donate to homeless shelters.

That’s right, the inexpensive item of clothing that most of us have a dozen or more pairs of is a crucial item that many homeless people do not have access to. One of the Christmas Miracles that we facilitated this year was sending one of our Customers 120 pairs of socks for donation to a local homeless shelter in her area. If you are looking to help those in need this year and are not able to give your time or money, consider giving pairs of new socks!

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree…

Are you celebrating Christmas this year? Yes? If so, please take a minute to look around your home. What decorations do you have? A wreath on your front door? Lights put up outside? Some mistletoe hung in a doorway that gives you an excuse to kiss a loved one? The specific decorations can vary from family to family, but if you go through the trouble of putting up decorations then you almost surly have a Christmas tree! The tradition of decorating a Christmas tree can be traced back 500 years to Germany, where faithful Christians brought trees into their homes to adorn with candles. Believe it or not, the tradition of decorating trees goes back all the way to ancient Egypt, where people placed plants inside their homes during the winter solstice as a way to symbolize life conquering death.

A Christmas tree is decorated with flowers and lights and helps create a special holiday feeling.
The tradition of placing a tree inside during important holidays is not new—it has been around for thousands of years!

As you can see, trees and plants have played an important part in holiday celebrations for a long time, and they still do today! Knowing this, we make sure to have Christmas trees up for auction each year, like the Slim Fraser Fir Artificial Christmas Tree which was won by dozens of bidders this year. We even had an opportunity to donate this tree to a family that was not able to purchase it outright. Helping folks create the holiday mood in their homes is another Christmas miracle that we are proud of.

More Miracles On The Way

It’s clear that we absolutely love Christmas here at DealDash. It is a special time of year where we run holiday promotions, auction off all sorts off decorations, and even pull off a few Christmas miracles! In fact, there are a few other Christmas miracles that we want you to know about, so watch this space in the coming days to see just what we mean.

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