Santa’s Little Helpers

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…everywhere you go! Are these popular Christmas lyrics true for you? Better yet, have you been listening to Christmas music nonstop all month? We all could use some holiday cheer this year! For us at DealDash HQ, the Holidays are about the spirit of giving. We love to give back huge savings and amazing deals to our customers.

Two pairs of feet warm themselves in front of a fireplace.
Nothing sets the tone for the holidays like a cozy fire, a warm drink, and some generosity.

The spirit of giving has been a core part of DealDash since the day it was founded as a way to give back to bidders who didn’t place the final bid and make sure that they do not have to go home empty-handed. So put on your favorite holiday music, pour yourself a glass of eggnog, and read about some DealDash holiday miracles and the people that make them possible.

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

It is well documented that DealDash has world-class customer service. You don’t have to take our word for it, thousands have backed up this claim by leaving us glowing online reviews. But who are these people that make amazing customer service experiences possible? Are they a team of elves tucked away in Santa’s workshop? Not quite. DealDash’s Customer Support Team is made up of a dozen men and women that are based around the world. As good as DealDash’s Customer Support Team is, they cannot do it alone. They are supported by DealDash’s Logistics Team that makes sure thousands and thousands of orders get shipped out each week. The last piece of the puzzle is the wonderful brands that partner with DealDash. To partner with DealDash, a brand needs to have amazing products that are in-demand, and also a strong Team of people behind those products. This ensures that our customers have nothing to worry about because they are supported by both DealDash and our brand partners.

A cartoon depicts a customer support team that is solving an array of problems.
Our Customer Support Team is a part of a global network that makes amazing things happen for DealDash customers.

With this network of support, DealDash customers can count on receiving unmatched service each and every day of the year. And now that the holidays are here, things get even better!

A Time To Go Above And Beyond

At DealDash, we believe that the holidays are a time to go above and beyond to help others and make them feel special. We call these situations Christmas Miracles. One recent miracle involved a customer that won a set of Smart Lights that they wanted to give as a gift. This item requires that the user downloads an App on their smartphone to use it. Unfortunately, the customer did not know this and could no longer use the item as a gift. Returning the item would take to long, and time was of the essence! DealDash Customer Support stepped in with a creative solution; the Smart Light Set could be kept and donated to charity and an eGift card was issued via email immediately that the customer could use as a gift. This solution was outside of the normal return protocol, but at the end of the day, a nice item got donated to charity, and the DealDash customer had a gift in time.

A mother and daughter admire a holiday present and enjoy a nice moment together.
Sometimes it feels even better to give a gift than it does to receive it!

DealDash Customer Support also helped end 2020 on a better note for a customer that had a tough year. One long-term customer unfortunately lost their job due to the COVID-related economic shutdown. Things were looking tough and it was looking to be a difficult Christmas for this customer and his young family. Our Support Team decided to send out a few  Émilie & Théo plush toys that his young children could enjoy for Christmas.

These are just a few of many examples that make the customer experience at DealDash so special.

The Reason Why This Is All Possible

DealDash employees are not the only ones that have been busy this time of year. Our amazing customers have also been busy working miracles that the DealDash Team can enjoy. A few years ago, one DealDash customer found out that many DealDash employees live in areas where there is no snow on the ground during Christmas. For this customer, snow, and more specifically, snowball fights are a must-have during Christmas. What did this customer do? She sent a set of fake plush snowballs to the DealDash head office! The whole team has been able to enjoy a snowball fight each and every year-no snow required!

A group of friends enjoy a fun snowball fight together on a beautiful winter day.
Our amazing customers are the reason behind all of the holiday cheer at DealDash.

Many other customers make sure to send us wonderful heartfelt holiday wishes, be it via email, chat, over the phone, or in the form of a good old-fashioned card that is sent in the mail. No matter the route the holiday greetings take to arrive, we appreciate each and every one. So from the whole DealDash Team, we want to wish you a very Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and a great start to 2021.

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