Smart Bidders Prosper on DealDash


Be a smart bidder on DealDash. You’ll win more auctions!

Not everyone is a smart bidder – but you should take the time and effort that it takes to achieve “smart bidder status”. Using your brain and outwitting the competition is key to having a prosperous time on DealDash. Read on for more tips, tricks, and information to become a smart bidder.

Smart Bidders Use the Time Clock

Smart bidders get free bids on DealDash. How do they do this? The easiest way to get free bids on DealDash is simply to bid. There are two different ways that you can get free bids on DealDash just by bidding.

The first way is to just show up and place at least one bid. You will get free bids from DealDash for every consecutive day that you bid, all the way up until you are getting 30 free bids per day!

The second way to get free bids on DealDash is to be the highest bidder in any auction. If you just go to DealDash and look at the bottom of your screen you’ll see your bidder name on the left side of the screen, your bids that you have left in your bid bank, your DealDash level, and finally your “Time as the highest bidder” (TATHB) time clock.

As you bid, your meter starts filling up with green when you are the highest bidder. When your meter has completely filled up you will receive free bids from DealDash. See? Smart bidders on DealDash just BID to get free bids. It’s what you need to do.

Smart Bidders Know When They’ve Lost

No matter how smart a bidder you are, you can’t win all of the auctions. DealDash realizes this and wants to keep their customers happy, so they offer the option to Buy It Now (BIN) on each and every auction. No matter what the price of the auction, or how many people were bidding in the auction with you. Doing a BIN when you don’t win is just the smart thing to do.

Do Your Reseach, Smarty Bidder

Doing your research is now easier than ever on DealDash. Have you noticed all of the new information that DealDash provides to you to make informed bidding decisions? You can now go to any auction’s page and see:

  • Who won the same item previously
  • When they won it
  • How many bids they used
  • What the final auction price was

With all of this new information that’s available to you, smart bidder, there’s no reason in the world why you shouldn’t be making informed choices when you bid on items. If you go to the “Winner’s Tab”, DealDash takes the information from the most recent auctions and displays it for everyone to see. They even do the math for you so you can get a really good estimate of how much an auction truly costs when you factor in the cost of bids.

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