Luxury Items on DealDash


Do you have champagne tastes on a grape juice budget? Try out your skills on DealDash for luxury items.

Loving fancy and expensive items is a bit of a weakness of mine, but as a mom of three, I don’t have a lot of extra money in the budget for frivolous items. Sure, there is plenty of money for household needs, but for beautiful jewelry and art? Not so much. Luckily, DealDash has a large selection of jewelry, home decor, and art for those of us who like the finer things in life. Read on for more information.

Home Decor the DealDash Way

Do you love works of fine art, statues, and fountains? Are you a little short on cash, though, and don’t have extra money to make your house look like a fine hotel? No problem! All of these items are up for bid on DealDash and can be yours if you’re the final bidder in the auction. There are expensive items like these up for auction every single day, and some of them are won for literally pennies on the dollar. Of course, some of them end up going for much more, but the majority end up with a final auction fee of less than $20.

Electronics A-Plenty

 If you have an old TV, a clunky old desktop, or a flip phone cell, then it’s time you visited the DealDash Electronics and Computers category. This category has everything you could ever wish for to furnish your home with the electronics of your dreams. If you’re a regular bidder on the Electronics and Computers category, then your friends and family will be amazed with all of the wonderful electronics that they see in your home the next time they come visit.

What if I Don’t Win?

We call can’t be the big winner every time. There is always one big winner in each auction and other people who don’t win. DealDash realizes that people don’t want their bidding to be in vein, though, and offers a solution to all of the people who bid but didn’t win. It’s called Buy It Now. Bidders affectionately refer to it as BIN.

Have you ever “BINned” an item? It’s easy, and when you BIN an item for the listed price you will get every single one of your bids back, the item you wanted, and free shipping on each item. Since DealDash cares about it’s bidders, you will also get to keep the “clock time” that you accrued while placing bids, which leads to free bids when you “free bid meter” has filled up.


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It’s time to WIN and BIN luxury items on DealDash.  DealDash has added some awesome products today to bid on. Visit DealDash now to see how much you can save. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!

Always BIN WIN DealDash

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What Time is it? Check Your NOOKA

Are you young and hip? Do you like luxury brands but think that a Rolex is better suited for your Dad? Check out NOOKA!

NOOKA is a relatively new company, it was founded in December 2005 in New York City, however NOOKA has offices worldwide including Japan and Europe. NOOKA  was founded by designer Matthew Waldman, they mostly design and produce watches that are primarily focused on the intersection of design and technology. With NOOKA you don’t need to know how to tell time like on an old school watch, they display readouts of bars, lines and dots representing a visual progression of time instead of using the hour and minute hands.


NOOKA’s first time pieces ever designed and successfully manufactured were the Zoo and Zot series of timepieces.  They were such a success that in 2010, the Zoo series and Zot series were inducted into the JIDA (Japan Industrial Designers’ Association) Design Museum as part of the Vol. 12 Selection. NOOKA doesn’t just make watches, though, they also make sunglasses,  bags, belts, figurines, wallets, and they are working on many other projects that haven’t even been reveled yet.

NOOKA has been featured in many publications. Just last month, NOOKA’s watch called the NOOKRONO was featured in June’s Issue of GQ, and NOOKA was also called “One of the best digital watch brands out there” by Highsnobiety.


Unfortunately for me, my very favorite NOOKA design is the Zot V-Series Galaxy watch – it has been discontinued for a long time, and they are pretty much impossible to find. It’s truly a work of beauty, with a galaxy inspired pattern all over the face and strap. Bring it back, NOOKA! Please!


 You too can own an awesome NOOKA watch! There are different models, types, and colors on DealDash, book your Bid Buddy, and sit back and enjoy the watching and bidding in the auction. However, also remember, if you have bid up the auction to the point of retail price you should go ahead and hit the “Buy It Now” (BIN) button, because when you BIN the item for the retail price you get every single one of your bids back, immediately. You can then use the bids all over again to try and win another auction. Good luck and Happy Bidding, everyone!