DealDash Kicks Off Holiday Shopping Season for 2020

Get prepared for the holiday season with the crazy deals on DealDash this weekend! Fall is here and the holiday shopping season 2020 is upon us! Don’t believe me? Just check out our newest YouTube video below – Jessica has a splashy surprise for you at the end!

Jessica takes a splash this week on the DealDash YouTube channel.

The leaves are turning, temperatures are dropping, and it is about time to get ready for the holidays! Start stockpiling candy corn and turkey for Halloween and Thanksgiving, and it is never too early to begin shopping for the gift giving season. Maybe you already have begun by winning (or binning) an auction or two!

We are also getting ready for the holiday season here at DealDash. As the premier pay-to-participate auction site around, the biggest holidays for us are Black Friday and Cyber Monday. These are typically the days when we get even crazier than usual and offer the boldest promotions of the year. However, we are doing things a bit differently to launch holiday shopping in 2020. We are bringing in the action with our first ever Holiday Season pre-sale!

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Leverage a Win with DealDash Promotions


DealDash promotions make auctions more fun. Read on to see how DealDash promotions can help you.

Are you taking advantage of all of the different promotions that DealDash offers? Taking advantage of the promotions on DealDash is an excellent tactic for saving money. If you’re interested in reading about the different promotions that DealDash often has, read on.

Bid Pricing Promotions

Cheap bids are a very popular promotion that DealDash offers. You can typically get bids at a huge discount by buying while they’re on a good sale. The price of bids changes daily on DealDash, and they range in price from .60 each, all the way down to 12¢. Pricing between 13¢ and 15¢ is the most common, though I have seen both less and more.

Typically, DealDash has excellent prices on bids with holiday promotions. Honestly, I think that I have seen 12¢ bids on just about every bank holiday. Buying bids at 12¢ each is equal to getting 5 bids for the price of 1, if you compare it to the initial price of 60¢. This means that you have a huge advantage over people who have paid much more than 12¢ for their bids.

Also, keep in mind that not everyone will purchase bids during each promotion, so you shouldn’t assume that the other bidders are able to bid as freely as you are with your 12¢ bids. Remember, you don’t want to be caught with no bids in your bid bank when you see an amazing auction. Buy your bids in bulk when they are on a great sale and save them for when you need them.

Other Promotions Offered

There are other DealDash promotions besides discounted bids, another bidder favorite is when auction winners are either given free wins, or given 50% off the final auction value. When DealDash gives free win, there is usually a lot of competition. It’s a great deal, and it makes it a lot easier to calculate how many bids that you can place on an auction without going over the retail price.

Another promotion that is very popular is the “$3 No Jumper” promotion. This means that no one new can bid in an auction after the final value of the auction exceeds $3. This means that there are usually fewer people to compete with in an auction, as opposed to the $5 No Jumper.

Set a Budget

All of the promotions in the world won’t make a difference if you don’t set up a bidding budget for yourself. A bidding budget might sound complicated and confusing, but it can literally just be you saying to yourself “My bidding budget for this month is $100.” Of course, you could also make a much more complicated bidding budget by taking into account the free bids that you receive by bidding, if you do a BIN (Buy It Now) and get your bids back, or many other factors.

However, I like to keep things simple. I just set up a predetermined amount of money that I want to spend on bids each month, and then wait for a good sale on bids (12-14¢), and then spend the entire budget at once. This way I know that I don’t have any more money in my budget that month to buy bids, and I know that I am getting a good deal as opposed to just spending the bidding budget $25 here and $50 there on bids that might be more expensive.

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