Bid Smart and Win with DealDash’s Promotions

One way bidders love to save money on DealDash is by taking advantage of the great promotions. Bids are often on sale for just a small fraction of their list price (60 cents), and cost only 13, 12, or sometimes even just 10 cents apiece! Many customers use these bid discounts as an opportunity to save a couple of dollars on their bid pack purchase, while others will use it as an opportunity to stock up and have enough bids to sustain them for an entire week of bidding, or sometimes even more! Stocking up on bids like this is a great idea, and it’s what makes DealDash’s promotions so important to customers’ winning strategies!

But the value of promotions doesn’t end there: there are often some kind of special “rule changes” designed to help bidders win auctions by using less bids, or offering some other benefit. There are lots of different ways this can happen, but below is a quick recap of some of the rule changes and how you can capitalize on these changes to help you win more auctions:

Huge Easter Sale – Lower No Jumper Limits

During the recent Huge Easter Sale, DealDash lowered the No Jumper™ limit to just $3! Bidders love these No Jumper™ auctions because they prevent competing bidders from joining the auction after it reaches the No Jumper™ limit, which means people who bid early on in the auction will have less competition and an easier time winning. Any way you can limit your competition in a particular auction is great and the value of the lower No Jumper™ limit shouldn’t be underestimated. If you find that auctions run for too long because they have too many people, regardless of the item you’re bidding on, this promotion will be a great resource for you to stay in the auction and outlast the other bidders.

Black Friday Sale(s) – Auction Blowouts

Black Friday Sales are a favorite among DealDashers. They’re available periodically, and typically feature a huge bid sale and an auction blowout, which entails a certain number of auctions (usually 200 or more) happening at the same time. Obviously having more auctions gives you a better chance to win, but the fact that they happen at the same time is really the icing on the cake! One way you can take advantage of these auction blowouts is to carefully research all of the items available and pick what you’re going to bid on carefully. Many times several similar items will be available (for example, different models of laptops or several gift cards to the same outlet). Be a little bit strategic in these situations and try to figure out which one will be the most popular and attract the most interest. It’s unlikely that everyone who wants the item will bid in several auctions for similar products, so if you figure out which one will attract the most bidders you can get snag one of the other ones quick, easy, and most of all CHEAP!

Easter Savings Sale – Free Auction Wins

The Easter Savings sale combined good bid prices with another great benefit: FREE auction wins! That means winners don’t have to pay the final sales price for their items: DealDash picks up the tab! Bidders love the opportunity to get their wins without having to pay that final sales price, so the best way to take full advantage of this is to go all in to auctions that might otherwise cost more than you’d like to spend on your bargain.

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With a 100% satisfaction guarantee on your initial bid pack purchase, trying DealDash is a risk free proposition. DealDash customers regularly save between 60-90 percent on the products featured in DealDash auctions, so get in on these great bargains and sign up now!

3 Tips to Help you Get 99% Off Your DealDash Wins

DealDash provides customers with a fun and social marketplace for deals. Every day hundreds of customers win fantastic bargains in DealDash’s auctions, and people save big bucks on items they love. Lots of people find winning auctions easy, but winning isn’t enough for some people. A lot of DealDash bidders spend their time honing their bidding strategies to make sure they don’t just win the auction, but they win them fast and cheap!

Here are a few pieces of advice to help new bidders learn how to get those big savings!

Bid at The Right Times

Many people are looking for the right time to bid, because they know that when other people are asleep or at work the site will be less busy. However, this isn’t actually the best way to go about determining the best time to bid. DealDash provides users with lots of information that you can use to figure out when the site is less busy, and when the most opportune time for you to bid is. For example, checking the “Winners List” gives you a chronological rundown of all the auctions that have closed. You can use this to look for times when auctions are closing for consistently low prices (for example, a series of auctions closing for less than $10 or another low price point). Using these times as guides when to bid is the best way to figure out when the site isn’t busy, and will give you a good idea about when you can win auctions for cheap!

Check out the Average Selling Prices of the Items

If you look at a particular auction page without logging in you can see the average selling price of a particular item. These average prices can give you a good idea about when you’re getting a good deal and when you’re getting a great one. If you really want a great bargain avoid bidding in auctions once the item price reaches its average, because bidding after that means you’re paying more than everyone else. Use the “Buy it now” option if you’re already heavily invested in the auction, because this way you’ll get your bids pack AND the product you’re after. If you log in and look at the auction page for an item with quantity limits, you’ll be able to see who’s won it in the past and for how much, which can also be useful for figuring out how much you want to pay for a win!

Bid on Items You Can Win for Cheap 

This doesn’t mean you should be bidding on things you don’t actually want or things that you think won’t be popular. What this means is try and guess when you’ll have the best chance to get a great bargain on your item, and one way to do this is look for similar products that are being auctioned off at the same time. For example, if there’s 10 bidders who all want to get a great deal on an iPad and there’s only one auction open, then all 10 bidders will probably bid in that auction. However, if you wait until there’s 2 or more auctions, the 10 bidders will spread themselves out, giving you less competition. Now that’s smart bidding!

With a 100% satisfaction guarantee on your initial bid pack purchase, trying DealDash is a risk free proposition. DealDash customers regularly save between 60-90 percent on the products featured in DealDash auctions, so get in on these great bargains and sign up now!


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Winning with the Facts on!

Winning on DealDash is easy. In fact, it’s so easy that most customers are able to win auctions using their first bid pack purchase. But just because DealDash makes winning auctions easy doesn’t mean that the work is done for you. Big winners will tell you that winning takes time, skill, and patience. Many bidders, both new and old, will read advice on how important it is to have good information to build good bidding strategies. But where can you go to find this information? What should you look for? How can it help?

Here are a couple of places you can check on DealDash to find useful information about the auctions!

#1: The Auction Page

When you find an auction you want to bid on, you should always investigate the product, and the best place to start is by visiting the auction page. You can bid from the main page where you see all the auctions happening, but it’s worth the extra time it takes to navigate to the auction page. You can find several important pieces of information by doing so:

  • If you’re logged out when you look at the auction page, you’ll see the average selling price listed at the top. You can use this to form expectations about long the auction could run for, and how difficult it will be to win. It’s also useful to use the average selling price to help you budget. Since many DealDash items will be auctioned off multiple times, an auction where the final sales price has surpassed the average selling price might be worth skipping in favor of an auction starting another time.

  • If you’re logged in and looking at an auction that has quantity limits, you’ll be able to see a list of all the people who have won the item in previous auctions. You can look through this list to see how much it has sold for recently and decide whether or not the auction is for you. Many experienced bidders have found this particularly useful. Sometimes items that have been becoming more and more expensive will discourage people from bidding, which presents a unique opportunity for savvy bidders to snag an unbelievably quick bargain.

  • It’s also important to pay attention to who’s bidding on the items, and when. You’ll be able to see how many people are actively bidding, and also with a little experience you’ll be able to determine who’s using their BidBuddy.

#2: The Winner List

The Winner List is another great source of information. It shows you a list of all the auctions that have sold recently. You can scan through this to check for the bargains that really stand out, which gives you an idea about how great the savings can really be on DealDash! Make a note if you see a pattern, such as a group of auctions closing for really low prices one after another. A pattern like that would indicate a point of low activity on DealDash, and low activity means less competition, giving you a better chance of winning auctions easily!

Getting a great bargain on DealDash is easy, and everyone can do it! It takes some time and patience to learn how to get the most from the site, and arming yourself with the correct information is a great place to start. Don’t be afraid of investing some time researching and digging through some of this information. It’s cheaper than buying tons of bids, and it can pay off more than you could possible imagine!

Customers love the great bargains they get in DealDash auctions! You can see photos and read testimonials from auction winners on DealDash’s new Pinterest page, and of course the official DealDash Facebook page. Every week customers post pictures of the great products they get from DealDash, and the best photo of the week wins a 500 dollar gift card! Last week Gary used the great bargain he got on this 64GB iPad with a Retina Display to help him win big again on Facebook!

With a 100% satisfaction guarantee on your initial bid pack purchase, trying DealDash is a risk free proposition. DealDash customers regularly save between 60-90 percent on the products featured in DealDash auctions, so get in on these great bargains and sign up now!

Plan to Win More on DealDash

Everyday people save big bucks on great brand name products by bidding on DealDash’s auctions, and every week hundreds of new users at DealDash win their first auctions. But bidding is just like any other skill, and it takes practice and patience to learn. While some people might come to DealDash with a wealth of experience, other might never have placed a bid in their lives! So where do you begin your training? What’s the first thing that you should look for?

A good place to start is knowing what you want to win. Users benefit from using DealDash because they are essentially able to decide how much a certain product is worth to them and then go out and get it, and BETTER BARGAINS come to those who are BETTER AT BARGAINING. Part of being good at bargaining is examining the situation, analyzing it, and figuring out how you can come out on top. So once you decide what you want to win, you can start figuring out WHEN you want to win it, and more importantly, HOW MUCH you want to pay.

When” can be an important determinant, and many DealDashers don’t use this factor quite as often as they should. This is because the perfect “when” isn’t necessarily at a particular time of the day (but this can also quite important), but at a time that people aren’t going to be focusing their bids in the same place as you. So a good tip, one known only by a few, is to look for a time when similar products will be up for auctions at once.

A good example would be tablets. People love bidding on tablets, and DealDash is a fantastic place to buy them. Like many products on the site, tablets often sell for only a small fraction of their retail value. And because there are so many different kinds of tablets available on DealDash, there’s lots of chances to win. Recently three tablets were featured in auctions that started within a couple of hours of one another, and these opportunities present an excellent time to snag one for cheap!

The first tablet was a Barnes & Noble – NOOK HD, which retails for $270. The second was a Samsung Galaxy Note (retail price $450), and the third was an Apple iPad with Retina Display (retail value $600). While these three tablets all have different retail values, they all belong the same general product category, which means they’ll interest a lot of the same people. Patterns like this can often spread out the interest of users and present them with several chances to bid on a product they like at the same time. In this scenario, the iPad drew the most interest from bidders, which therefore makes it the most expensive and most difficult of the three to win. And since many tablet shoppers were busy trying to win the iPad, the Nook and Note made great targets for the savvy bidders content with getting a lower valued tablet, but at a bigger discount!

Now this approach won’t work for everyone, and obviously if you’ve gotta have that Retina Display it’s pointless bidding on anything else. But studying the auctions and looking for opportunities like the one described above teachers bidders the value of planning ahead and thinking about what the other users are going to do on the site, which is an invaluable exercise (especially for people learning how to use the site). Many products (such as tablets, gift cards, and even bid packs) are auctioned off quite frequently, and so it’s always worth taking a few minutes to browse through upcoming auctions to look for your chance to get not just a bargain, but an outright steal!

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Check out our Pinterest page to find out how to win a $50 Walmart Gift Card!
Check out our Pinterest page to find out how to win a $50 Walmart Gift Card!

With a 100% satisfaction guarantee on your initial bid pack purchase, trying DealDash is a risk free proposition. DealDash customers regularly save 60-90 percent on the products featured in DealDash auctions, so get in on these great bargains and sign up now!

Secret Strategies How To Win On DealDash Bidding Site

Many new bidders win one or two auctions soon after they register at DealDash only to find their confidence shattered a few weeks later when they lose auction after auction, unable to win even a $10.00 gift card. Perhaps at this point the bidder wonders do they have the correct bidding strategy? That’s when people start second-guessing. Some may even wonder, Are Online Auctions a scam? If you’re bidding at DealDash, the answer to that question is, “No.”

Old-timers will say that consistent winning is possible. But like any skill or sport, you have to invest time and effort to learn the secrets of success and then incorporate those strategies with tricks that work for you. But all successful bidders know that hard work is what separates mostly winners from mostly BINners at

Here are some strategies to help you get past your slump, master the art of the hunt and start winning big. So, how does DealDash work?

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